Cyclone Hale

Cyclone Hale was classified as a medium-scale event in the Tairāwhiti and extended to the Wairarapa after storm damage to the eastern coastline of the region.


Explore this digital geospatial database of approximately 600,000 New Zealand river segments and related catchments.
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Get estimates of peak flood flows and understand the magnitude and frequency of floods across New Zealand.
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Get estimates of the magnitude and frequency of high intensity rainfall for a range of return periods and event durations at any point in New Zealand.
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These geological units comprised of gravel, sand and mud were wholly or partly deposited in the Holocene (in the last 11,700 years) as a result of water-borne alluvial floodplain and fan processes. The units are indicative of the extent of Holocene flooding events preserved in the sedimentary record.  These data have been extracted from the geological units layer of the digital 1:250 000 Geological Map of New Zealand NZL_GNS_250K_Geology 3rd edition (2020) published by GNS Science
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Keywords: alluvial floodplain deposits, alluvial fan deposits, geological units, holocene