Post Gabrielle coastline

Coastlines digitised by New Zealand’s Changing Coast team at the University of Auckland as part of the Resilience to Nature's Challenges National Science Challenge. ​Lines are interpreted and digitised from high resolution satellite imagery following Cyclone Gabrielle. The lines digitised are typically the toe of the dune. Following the storm this often marked by a pronounced scarp of the dune face. ​This dataset is a research product and has not been peer reviewed. No warranty is provided with respect to the accuracy of the lines. Care should be used when using the lines in any decision making. Please contact Murray Ford at the University of Auckland to discuss any applications of this dataset.
Hosted By: University of Auckland
Keywords: coastline, Cyclone Gabrielle, Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne
Categories: Land, Ocean
Data Type: vector GIS
Coordinate System: NZGD2000 / New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000
Geographic Extent: parts of the eastern coasts of Northland, northern Auckland, Great Barrier Island, Coromandel, Bay of Plenty and Tairāwhiti
Is Geospatially Referenced: Yes
Sharing Status Restrictions: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International